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User Experience/Product Designer

I create and enhance solutions that bring new value propositions to users, businesses, and the world

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Designing the future for short-form content

2022 Whamix | Product strategy, UX, Branding

SWIK is an early-stage product that allows the creative community to share interactive content through pixel streaming. I was the main designer and defined the MVP together with the founder.

Xi Xiao Bao

Swine-farm Vehicle Bio-security with Ease

2021 Yingzi Tech Co. | UIUX, IoT, toB

Xi Xiao Bao is an IoT service for hog farms to minimize African Swine Flu risk. I was tasked with building the product from conception to its official launch.

Redesign Plague Inc. 

Transform gaming experience in the pandemic

2020 School Project | Game Design, Interaction Design

Use Game as an interactive storytelling medium to create an experience that is concerned with real-world issues during the pandemic.


Palliative Experience for Hospice in Virtual Reality

2019 Rhode Island Hospital | VR, Experience Design

Collaborated with hospice caregivers from Rhode Island Hospital to create a comforting VR experience with a heart-warming storyline.

Nation Without Border

2018 School Project | Speculative Design, Social Design

Using design as a critical tool for addressing the real-world issue, we hosted an event on campus as a response to the infamous Caravan case in 2018.


A collection of passion projects finished in my leisure time. I love playing with new tools, concepts, and techniques and it helps me stay curious and motivated.

Metaverse Thoughtpool

A piece featured in 2022 SF Design Week

An interactive experience that contrasts the thoughts, feelings, perceptions and musings around the metaverse from the experts and novices.

Game art for Indie game: Neeron

UI design, environment design, level design

I teamed up with my game engineer friends to make this game in 2 months during the summer vacation as our Unreal engine learning project. I created the level using World-creator and Quixel Bridge and designed the whole UI system.

VR hand-tracking exploration

A series of fun interactions made from Quest and Unity3D

Flexing my fingers in the virtual space. Such feeling of direct manipulation bridges the gap between the digital experience and our physical presence.

VR Parkour

My first VR project learning Unity3D

A parkour experience in a lofi ambient space


Drawing is meditation

Hey, I am Yujing.

And I design


digital experiences with

relentless passion.

how i work ↓

My strength is to

navigate ambiguity.

And I thrive in

fast-paced projects

I enjoy bringing clarity and critical thinking into ambitious projects and pushing through the storm in collaboration with talents of other disciplines.

I challenged myself to work in different contexts and environments, from NGO design consultancy and branding agency to tech start-up. And I have shipped complex and innovative digital solutions that meet the needs of the end-users and the environment.

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More about me ↓

My Story

I was born and raised in Hangzhou, a flourishing city with steamy summer and frigid winter in the south of China.

After graduating high school, I left for the US for college and I studied graphic design at RISD where I was trained to be a forward-thinking designer and an empathetic visual storyteller.

In 2022, I acquired my Master's Degree in Interaction Design at CCA in San Francisco. During the SF design week, I was honored to participate in a panel discussion to share my work, Metaverse Thoughtpool.

How I think of design ↓

Design to bond

our second nature

with the first

As a GenZ, I have seen the world being reshaped by the internet and smart devices, for better or worse. Technology is our second nature, but humanity is the first.

As a creative, I am passionate about bringing the world I imagine to life, using digital technology to cultivate positive behavior and augment the experience of people accessing and consuming information, which I believe is crucial to an equitable and inclusive future for ourselves and those who come after us.

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