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June. 2019


VR experience design

We work with local caregivers to develop therapeutic VR experience


Over the course of 6 weeks, we designed a VR experience for hospice care.  We aimed to use VR as a story-telling tool to ease the fear of “death” and bring people peace of mind in the last stage of their life.


Yujing Tang (Design, Development)

Jiani Yu (Art)


Fritz Drury

Project Length

9 Weeks

To help us better understand the psychology of the patients, medical workers from the local hospital lectured us about their experiences with hospice care. And we had the chance to talk to the actual patients about their feelings and needs, and what kind of virtual experience they may want to have.

Exalt those ephemeral moments

We decided to tell a story about memories. Life is not about its length but the uniqueness of each person's experience and story. Its imperfection is the beauty. Death is nothing more than the beginning of the next adventure.

Reparture - We want to inspire the courage and the confidence in people to "Depart once more".

Presentation Day

On the final day, our team presented our design to the patients, their caregivers and school faculty. Through conducting and observing the testings, we learned about the strengths and weaknesses of our design.