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In 2018, the Migrant Caravan stirred up debate over the Abuse of Human rights.

Speculative Design

Nation Without Borders is a speculative organization that helps the immigrants of 2068 cross the border. In 2068, The U.S. citizens are forced to cross the U.S.-Canada border due to America's catastrophic economic situation and the environmental disasters.

We are preparing for a future dictated by the current climate through speculative design.


Project Length

Project Timeline

Yujing Tang
Madeleine Teh
Erica Silver
4 Weeks
December 2018

We speculated the following questions

What would refugees need on their exodus?

They would need a plan, a map, an organization, a food and water supply, and all protective measures against human, and environmental threats along the way.

What’s the world in 50 years like?

Global warming, climate change, sea level rise, biological extinction, and people's diets have to adjust to those changes.

How do we provide physical and mental support for displaced people?

As members of the campaign that advocates for the rights and safety of displaced peoples, we would offer our help with respect, care, and empathy, all reflected in our materials.

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