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In this project, I redesigned the mobile game Plague Inc, focusing on the influence of mass media and public opinion on the pandemic. Combining the original game elements with the elements of an idle game, reworked Plague Inc. allows players to immersively experience the pandemic in an alternative timeline.

Plague Inc is a game developed by Ndemic Creations. In the game, players’ goal is to develope a disease that infects the entire human world

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project Goal


Apply UX methodology to solve a game design challenges


Fully utilize the game's strengths as an interactive storytelling medium to create an experience concerning real-world issues


How does the pandemic change the gaming experience ?

User interview

To figure out design directions, I inquired my participants about their feelings during the pandemic and make them play the original Plague Inc. game for feedback.

Interview goal

About the Pandemic
what do players do during the pandemic

About the Game

how do players feel about the game

How does the pandemic change players' perception of the game?


How do we apply the iterative and user-centered design methodology in the game redesign?

Mechanics Redesign

Based on the play testing research, I modified the game mechanics.

Durig lock-down, media were people’s only channel to acquire information about the outside world.

Some people are upset about media’s failure to communicate objective information during the pandemic and believe that media escalated the issue and worsened the condition

New feature 01
New feature 02
User flow improvement

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